How to Attract a Younger Girl?

“Just how did those older men attract a younger girl?” you think as you look around the place you are in and see a variety of older men with young girls. “What have they got that I haven’t?” attract a younger girl

The answer is quite simple: “Nothing different really”. It’s just that if you are wanting to date younger girls, you have to take an objective look at yourself, your dress sense and presentation, and do some preparatory work…, call it homework if you like!

So, the next time you are out and spot an attractive, younger girl, someone you feel you just have to talk to, how do you go about not only get to meet her, but also getting her to date you on a regular basis?

Easy: pluck up your courage, use your innate charm, your common sense; avoid routine, mundane chat up lines and see if you can get her talking. Sounds simple, right, but some things to remember when trying to attract a younger girl, and if you want the relationship to prosper:

  • mix with her group: invariably younger women don’t go out alone; they’ll either be with workmates, office friends or even family members. Get to know who she spends time with; cultivate their friendship as well as hers. Let them know that, even though you are an older man looking for a young girl, you are a “nice person”
  • work out how to make her laugh: most younger women are attracted to older, mature men who can make them laugh, make them feel good. Find out what makes her smile, what she finds funny or humorous, and work on keeping her amused; of course don’t go overboard and be outrageous but always try and bring some mirth into your times together
  • gain her confidence: when you finally get to have some quality conversation time with this younger woman, choose your words carefully; repress your desires to touch her, hold her hand, or to be too suggestive. Compared to you she’s still probably quite inexperienced with life and your outward signs of only wanting her for her physical appearance are not recommended

pay close attention to her interests and background: show genuine interest in her interests, whether these be her family, her studies and so on. Younger women are far more “tech savvy” and “gadget happy” so make sure you are well versed in some of the latest trends.

be chivalrous, treat her as your equal: encourage your younger woman to be confident, to be comfortable to speak up about matters that concern her—not to suppress her emotions or brood on issues. Let her know that you see your relationship (if indeed it is at that stage) as a partnership, a matching of equals.
Meeting and successfully dating a younger woman is like following a recipe for a cake; you might well have all the right ingredients, but you need to put them together well… Then, if you follow the recipe carefully and… aahh, perfection—for your younger girl and you!

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  1. I’m 46 divorced my name is Sam if you young girls are looking for true love text me no games plz….

  2. This has GOT to be bullshit. Fuck me running. If not, conctact me and you WON’T be sorry! American man in Melbourne.

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