Teen Girls Seeking Older Men

When it comes to teen girls, not all of them are looking for boys their age. In fact, there are a substantial number of them who are seeking older men. This is not a recent trend, but one that goes back many thousands of years even before the dawn of civilization. Of course, it’s safe to say that many older men find teen girls attractive, but the relationships that are established are ones between teens and older men that have a mutual attraction for each other. Teen Girls Seeking Older Men

  • Why do Teen Girls Find Older Men Attractive?

There are several reasons as to why teen girls seeking older men and some of the reasons are similar to why many male teens find older women attractive.

Mature Relationship: Many teen girls want to be in a more mature relationship than what they can find with boys their age. This may be in part fantasy, but there is a yearning in many teen girls to have the type of relationship their parents enjoy. The strong, well established man is one that many girls fantasize about since their early childhood and quite often that is carried up to their teen years and beyond.

Experience: There is something comforting in knowing that your partner has been around the block a couple of times when it comes to relationships and their various aspects. So, it’s not all that surprising that many teens are looking for the companionship of an older man.

  • Why Older Men Find Teen Girls Attractive?

As with teenagers, there are several reasons why older men, in particular those who have worked very hard and have established themselves financially who have had little time to develop relationships with women their own age.

Relationship: Arguably the biggest reason why many older men seek relationships with younger women and teens is because many of them have not had the time to develop relationships with women of their own age when they were young. So, in many ways they are better suited to seek out companionship with teen girls.

Good Timing: Because many teen girls are looking to have fun and enjoy a relationship with an older man, the same can be said about the man who may be looking to enjoy life a little more. This is particularly true if they have spent much of their younger years working hard to build up a financial fortune. As single men get older, they now have more time to start developing relationships with women they find attractive.

As the statistics demonstrate, there are many such relationships between older men and teen girls that last a long time thanks to their continued mutual interest.

Overall, it’s not surprising the teens girls are seeking older men for companionship and to have a more mature relationship than they can find with boys their age. For the older men, younger women offer a chance for them to reset the clock and capture a little of their youth which they missed as they worked hard to achieve their current status.

Young Girls And Older Men Chat

Throughout history, young girls have always been attracted to older men and, of course, vice versa.Young girls and older men chat

Yet, it seems that, over the last 5 or 6 years, there are more older men dating young girls than ever before. Quite why this phenomenon has been gaining such ground can be put down to changing social attitudes about age-gap relationships, but might also be due to several new factors plus, of course some factors which have been around seemingly forever.

New factors might include:

  • easier accessibility for young girls to contact and chat with older men via the internet or smartphone Apps; in the past, if you were not in the same country, or even city, it was hard for older men to find and chat with young girls. Of course, these day, with instant communications to almost every part of the world a young girl in, say Thailand, can find an older man in, say, the US instantly and enjoy instant chatting as a prelude to dating
  • partially related to the above is the fact that there are now so many more on-line dating sites catering for young girls looking for older men to chat with or date; the ease by which older men looking for young girls to chat with can simply log-on to their preferred dating site and browse through the profiles of young girls wanting to meet a mature man means that communication can be almost instant—no waiting around for letters or emails

More traditional factors include:

  • many young girls are keen to have someone “take care” of them and prefer the company of an older man—with many young girls finding that young men are too immature and often not ready to settle down to a long term relationship; whereas older men are, usually, more mature and settled into their careers
  • most older men looking to date young girls are also relatively financially secure and offer a wealth of worldly experience which many young g
  • rls find appealing; of course when older men are looking to date younger girls, the lady in question needs to portray herself as more mature than her contemporaries, and seek to impress her older man when chatting—mainly as the older man is often looking for a life partner with whom he can share all of life’s various offerings

No matter what the motivation for young girls looking for older men, this is a scenario which is like to become even more common place in the coming years.

How to Attract a Younger Girl?

“Just how did those older men attract a younger girl?” you think as you look around the place you are in and see a variety of older men with young girls. “What have they got that I haven’t?” attract a younger girl

The answer is quite simple: “Nothing different really”. It’s just that if you are wanting to date younger girls, you have to take an objective look at yourself, your dress sense and presentation, and do some preparatory work…, call it homework if you like!

So, the next time you are out and spot an attractive, younger girl, someone you feel you just have to talk to, how do you go about not only get to meet her, but also getting her to date you on a regular basis?

Easy: pluck up your courage, use your innate charm, your common sense; avoid routine, mundane chat up lines and see if you can get her talking. Sounds simple, right, but some things to remember when trying to attract a younger girl, and if you want the relationship to prosper:

  • mix with her group: invariably younger women don’t go out alone; they’ll either be with workmates, office friends or even family members. Get to know who she spends time with; cultivate their friendship as well as hers. Let them know that, even though you are an older man looking for a young girl, you are a “nice person”
  • work out how to make her laugh: most younger women are attracted to older, mature men who can make them laugh, make them feel good. Find out what makes her smile, what she finds funny or humorous, and work on keeping her amused; of course don’t go overboard and be outrageous but always try and bring some mirth into your times together
  • gain her confidence: when you finally get to have some quality conversation time with this younger woman, choose your words carefully; repress your desires to touch her, hold her hand, or to be too suggestive. Compared to you she’s still probably quite inexperienced with life and your outward signs of only wanting her for her physical appearance are not recommended

pay close attention to her interests and background: show genuine interest in her interests, whether these be her family, her studies and so on. Younger women are far more “tech savvy” and “gadget happy” so make sure you are well versed in some of the latest trends.

be chivalrous, treat her as your equal: encourage your younger woman to be confident, to be comfortable to speak up about matters that concern her—not to suppress her emotions or brood on issues. Let her know that you see your relationship (if indeed it is at that stage) as a partnership, a matching of equals.
Meeting and successfully dating a younger woman is like following a recipe for a cake; you might well have all the right ingredients, but you need to put them together well… Then, if you follow the recipe carefully and… aahh, perfection—for your younger girl and you!

How to dating a younger girl?

As we are all well aware, dating a younger girl throws up a new set of challenges for an older man. If you think back to your younger days, dating was always highly fraught and emotions ran high when you were chasing the girl of your dreams.data a younger girl So, for older guys dating younger girls, some of whom may have been out of the dating scene for many years if, for example, they have been in a previous long-term relationship with someone, it might be quite a challenge at first to adjust. Still, it’s not that difficult if one uses some common sense and dating younger girls can, clearly, be quite rewarding and fulfilling—you only need to look at the numbers of older guys with younger girls to see what I mean. Anyway, to help you along your way in your quest to date younger girls, here are some pointers:

  •  Be chivalrous and polite at all times—many younger girls are not used to the man in her life having good manners and treating her with extra respect. It seems that the younger generation of males generally lack these traits and the advent of equal rights for males and females has denuded the honourable ways men used to treat women.

For the older guy dating younger girls, this can be, how can I say, one of his competitive edges!

  • As far as possible, when dating younger girls the older man should be as tech savvy as possible—at least know how to use the basics of a Smartphone, know what applications or programmes such as Line, WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook are all about; plus, be adept with a computer and SMS.

The younger generation has grown up with technology and the older guy dating younger girls needs to be aware and conversant with some of the things his younger girl will be talking about or devices she will be “playing” with.

  • If you are planning on dating younger girls, make sure your presentation in terms of the clothes you wear or the way your hair is styled are/is up to date and modern; there’s nothing worse than an older guy dating younger girls looking like he’s just stepped out of an advertisement from the 1950’s.

Of course, it’s important to not go too far and look like you have just stepped from the catwalk from the most recent male fashion show in Paris, but younger girls still like their older man to dress with style.

  • Be reasonably generous with your younger girl and, occasionally indulge her for a sumptuous lunch or dinner, or with a special gift. Many older men dating younger girls struggle at first to find the right balance between constantly showering her with gifts and being a little on the conservative side.

Of course, every younger girl is different, and the older guy needs to work out the most appropriate balance for their particular relationship.

Many of the factors which apply to dating women in general also apply to older men dating younger women, it’s just that some of the more mature men have forgotten just how to play the “dating game”—especially when it’s a with women not of their own age. Still, follow these tips and maximise your enjoyment from dating younger women!